✅ Keeping your project in a good standing

When the community votes on projects, we want them to get maximum visibility into the effectiveness of the team in previous OceanDAO proposals. To this end, we introduce the following method where voters can quickly assess the progress of each previous project.

Each project will have a “progress” value attached to it, where the value may be one of:

Teams need to be “in the green” in order to be eligible to apply for new grants. Projects that are not in the green, are not submitted to the voting process.

Implementing this has some decentralized and some centralized elements to start. Over time it will be more fully decentralized.

💪 Submitting a [Deliverable Checklist] update

  1. Reply to your original proposal inside Port using the [Deliverable Checklist] template provided below. Please include the header [Deliverable Checklist].
  2. Use the checkbox-list to communicate your completion. Include links to your app, github, website, or just a basic explanation (Check the box to communicate completion).
    1. You need to reconcile all deliverables for your proposal to be set to "Completed".
    2. Reconciling your deliverables does not mean that you must have succeeded.
    3. If you mark any box as complete without providing an appropriate resolution, your proposal may be disputed.
  3. If you were unable to deliver a specific item or the project was unable to be delivered, please explain what you have done to provide a resolution for each deliverable, and mark it as complete.
    1. If you have given up on your project, an appropriate resolution may be to return the funding to the DAO.
  4. Submit your reply and tag @AlexN on Port.

[Deliverable Checklist]