To guide and deliver on the development of [key outcomes for the project] for [Company name]—in so doing, to help [reach very important objectives and company goals].

About this document

All information provided should be treated as guidance; as an outline of what an engagement together will look like, not a play-by-play. Dates are only indicative.

I believe in being laser-focused on outcomes and flexible on the tactics to get us there. So while some details are listed below, best to read them as possible courses/modules for us to select from across the project.


Proposed By

Your name

In Discussion With

Whoever you spoke with

Project Summary

Timeline: **Your expected dates for start and completion

(The budget for the project will not change based on timeline, so long as deliverables meet the satisfaction of all key stakeholders.)

Budget: $X,XXX

(An option to extend the project scope will be made available pending project progression. If requested, this will include the delivery of X, Y, Z, and the additional budget will be +$X,XXX.)

Key Project Outcomes

<aside> ▪️ Very appealing project outcome #1


<aside> ▪️ Something the client mentioned they would want #2


<aside> ▪️ Expensive problem solved #3


<aside> ▪️ Why are we doing this again? #4



Key Deliverables