Color background indicates ease to contribute to, not necessarily how easy their API is to use.


Good for beginners, the projects have many issues to sift through, and aren't too complex.


Project may be somewhat complex but there's still lots of fun stuff to do for those who have a basic understanding of OOP.


Very hard and likely requires good understanding of Kotlin and program design as a whole.

Template project

We will eventually make a template project that you can clone to start new ones, with gradle configured properly.


🔵 Idofront

A library we share between all our projects.

Holds many nifty features and is our prefered way to manage config files and commands.

The wiki covers its features pretty well.

Easiest way to contribute is sharing your util functions in here. The command DSL still needs some work done, that'll be explained in GitHub issues.

🖥️ Guiy

A library for creating GUIs in the form of chest inventories.

Currently not too clean, but very usable.

Undergoing a rewrite, help would be appreciated if you know Kotlin pretty well.


Generally whenever we need a new mechanic that others may find useful, it's preferred to make a new plugin for it.

🐉 Mobzy

An Entity Component System for custom mobs.

⚙️ Geary

Our Entity Component System (ECS) which makes it really clean to make custom mobs and items.

There is an old version also called Geary which is now abandoned.

Currently inside Mobzy