Welcome aboard to the Product Buds Project Jam! We're so excited to have you join us as we spend the upcoming months working on collaborative projects that will advance your knowledge in the field of Product Management. Whether you're an aspiring Product Manager (PM) who just stumbled on this field recently or a current PM who's well-versed in many areas of Product, this opportunity will allow you to sharpen core business, technical, teamwork, and interpersonal with others in the community! πŸ˜‡

🎯What are the Objectives of Project Jam?🎯

Through collaborating with aspiring PMs on team projects this summer, you will:

πŸ“What is the Project Deliverable?πŸ“

By the end of the project cycle, you have the opportunity to publish your work and get valuable feedback from the Product Buds community and experienced PMs! To demonstrate fundamental Product Management knowledge and skillset, we advise each team to submit a Pitch Deck that includes the following elements:

βœ…Problem Statement: What is the main problem you are solving? Clearly state this in one to two sentence(s).

βœ…User/Customer Profile: Who is your target customer/user? What do they do? What are their motivations? What do they care about?

βœ…Value Proposition: What is your proposed solution? What are its key features? How does it solve your target user/customer's problem? How does it differ from existing solutions?

βœ…Market Validation: Why is your idea worth pursuing? Is there a real need for your solution? Does your solution actually satisfy the needs of target user/customer? Prove it using research findings. Make a strong case by stating a combination of qualitative data and quantitative data. Examples include interview testimonials, survey results, or other data found online (cite sources if applicable).

βœ…Prototype: Feel free to show your product in action through images/screenshots, demo video recording, gifs, or links. Remember, this is a prototype, not a final product that is ready to launch to the App Store tomorrow.

βœ…Future Iterations: How will you change or improve your solution based on the feedback you received from your target user/customer? If you have another month to work on this, what will your next steps be?

There is no minimum or maximum number of slides as long as you hit all the points above. However, a good Product Management skill to practice is communicating information in a clear, concise, and visually appealing manner.

πŸ—ΊWhat Can I Expect in the Next Few Months?πŸ—Ί

πŸ’₯Phase 1: Kick Off (May 25th, 11-12PM PST/2-3PM EST)πŸ’₯

We'll officially kick off PB Project Jam with a PM speaker panel on May 25th at 11 AM-12PM PST / 2-3PM EST. At this online event, you'll hear from the founding team of Product Buds as well as three incredible industry-experienced Product Leaders. Here's what you can expect:

🀝**Phase 2: Team Formation (Ends on June 3rd, 12PM PST)**🀝

In this phase, the first step is to join the #projectpitches channel in the Product Buds Slack workspace. Once you're at the channel, you can either pitch your project idea(s) to others in the Product Buds community to find others who may be interested in teaming up with you OR pitch your personal skills to community members who already have project ideas and are looking for members to join their team!