Many of the best community ideas we’ve supported have been ones that surprised us, not ones we were waiting for.

There are, however, some developer projects that we’re very interested in seeing. Below are our updated developer community project ideas, which outline some of those ideas in general terms.

Please don’t feel that you need to work on one of these ideas in order to apply for, or receive, an Opyn developer grant. The developer community project ideas mostly exist to encourage you to apply if you’re already working on an idea in DeFi that could integrate with options.

If your developer project is approved, Opyn will support by answering developer questions in a shared Discord channel.


Simplified interface for options beginners (interactive interface)

More advanced interface for quant traders

Contract that autos-sends settlement back to users (auto redeem) using operator

Something similar to a capital protected investment, where the contract use the income stream from interest bearing token to buy call options. (or use that interest to sell put options)