About me

Hello everyone! My name is Felix von Rönne, iam 22 years old and studying International Logistics Management at FH Upper-Austria in Steyr. I'm originally from Hamburg, Germany but I moved to Austria for my studies. I´m not a graphic/design or web development student, therefore this project will be a big challenge for me. Nevertheless, at the end of the project, I hope I can manage to create a good visualized Tableau/PowerBi page.

Project Group

I`m in project group f with the focus on mental health




The mental health of german children and adolescents

I would like to focus my data research and later on my visualization, because of my origin, on Germany. I will work on the effect that Covid-19 has on mental health across children and adolscents. Moreover, I would like to compare the mental health situation before covid and during the pandemic.


The below-listed articles are just the start. I hope the guide "Finding and Exploring Data" by Laurens can help me to deep-dive into the world of data research.