In order to protect our users and the integrity of our platform, we have some prohibitions on the types of requests we allow.

❌ Requests involving illegal or unlawful activity

Don't make any request whereby fulfillment requires the fulfiller or anyone else to violate a federal or local law or regulation, or contractual agreement between any parties. Examples include:

❌ Requests that are dangerous

Don't make any request that puts the fulfiller or anyone involved in the fulfillment at risk of physical harm. Examples include:

❌ Requests that are obscene

Don't make any request that is obscene. What's obscene? There is no concrete definition of obscenity since these things are often defined culturally and can evolve with time. However, if your request is gross, perverted, or would offend a substantial portion of your community, your request will likely be considered obscene and will be prohibited.

❌ Requests that are unethical

Don't make any request that is unethical. Whether a request is technically legal or not, we don't want to encourage unethical behavior and will prohibit such requests on our platform. Examples include: