Progressive decentralization is a term used largely in blockchain communities to describe a process of moving a network from control by a centralized company or team toward control and ownership by the network's participants. This occurs through the distribution of tokens with governance and financial rights associated with them.

Some basic guides:

Auryn.eth ⟠ 🔆 on Twitter: "A 5-step plan for progressive decentralization:1. Multi-sig (@gnosisSafe)2. Community input (@gnosisSafe + @SnapshotLabs)3. Empower community (Safe + Snapshot + SafeSnap)4. Restrict multi-sig (Safe + Snapshot + SafeSnap + Tx Guard)5. No hands (remove multi-sig signers) / Twitter"

Progressive Decentralization: A Playbook for Building Crypto Applications - Andreessen Horowitz

When Gitcoin launched its GTC governance token in 2021, it created a mythology through the idea of "Quadratic Lands":

Gitcoin Quadratic Lands