Last Updated on 3/22/23

Upcoming Holiday Breaks:


Days off this Week:

Monday(for iron infusions until April 10th),Saturday & Sunday

Working Days this Week:


Typical Work Hours:

9:00 PM-5:00 AM

Monthly Agenda (March)

Monthly Agenda (April)

Monthly Agenda (May)

Generator Master List

Character Design Task List

Website & Patreon Task List

Client-Based/Commission Task List

Vector Character Collection Progress/Release List

Character Request Queue

[**Lite] (Non-patron):**0

[**Fan-Inspired] (from patron):**0 **(from non-patron):**0

[**Patron] (Main Character):**n/a **(Secondary Character):**n/a **(Tertiary Character):**n/a **(Supporting Character):**n/a **(Recurring Character):**0

[**Ko-fi ] (from Patron):**0 **(from non-patron):**0

How long do things take me to complete?

Please note that these time ranges have a wide berth because it’s based on the complexity of the characters I’m working with. Each character is a case by case situation and processing times may vary.

Creating/finalizing a character in ePic: 30 minutes-1 hour

Editing in Photoshop: 1-5 non-consistent hours

Vector Conversion: 30 minutes-1 hour

Animation in DP Animator: 2-4 hours

Scheduling tweets for a month: 2-3 hours

Creating a Patreon Post/Article (including proofreading and polish): 2-5+ hours

Current Task List

General (tentative) ETA List

Backlogged CIDs: by end of March 2023

Backlogged animated characters: by end of May 2023

Charging normally again: April 2023

Character Request Updates: April 2023

Return of Fanpro Friday:April or May 2023

Returning to work on Vector Collections: May 2023

What’s Going on Right Now (In a Nutshell)?

I’m just going to focus solely on backlog for the rest of March and I’ll be planning to charge again in April if things stay on track. I will be taking the next four Mondays off for medical reasons because for whatever reason my iron just didn’t improve from my last batch of iron infusions, thus I’m set up for another set.I’m kind of doing my best to make balancing work life and self care my top priority in 2023 and I am currently also dealing with some medical things that might require some wiggle room for extra self-care.

Once I get back to a good point and everything is caught up I am going to move on to getting the content changes on track. Once those are running smoothly I can look at handling less imperative stuff like archiving and adding designs to my store. I have tentatively filled in my agenda up to May based on my current progress schedule and added some more ETAs now that I have a better idea of where I am and don’t have to factor in some of the busywork due to working ahead.

Quarterly Goal Breakdown

**Q1:**completing 2022 backlog

Q2: Fanpro Friday/Animated Twitter Character Backlog/Character Request Updates/New Book TOC/Support Kickstarter Setup/Vector Collections/CRM Setup

**Q3:**Redbubble Store/Vector Collections

**Q4:**Blog Restoration & 2024 Setup