Dev Guild

Drafted by: jameswmontgomery.eth, Icedcool, nonsense


As we enter Season 1, the Developers Guild (herein “Guild”) Treasury will be given BANK tokens for the purposes of funding Guild projects and activities. As such, we need a methodology for distributing these tokens. We recommend that a Program Proposal framework exist to support requesting funds from the Guild Treasury.


There are a wide variety of methods & purposes for distributing funds. Some examples include:

Rather than pursue an Omnibus style budget that includes all uses of the Guild Treasury in one single bill, we propose that individual programs gather consensus and submit proposals to the Guild Treasury Committee for consideration & funding.



Guild Treasury - The 4-of-7 multi-sig wallet & funds custodied by the Guild Treasury Committee

Guild Treasury Committee - The elected members that sign transactions for the Guild Treasury.

Proposal Champion - The single point of contact for a program that is responsible for the proposal process and is accountable for revisions.

Proposal - An in process request for funding.

Program - A funded proposal.

Proposal Creation & Requirements