Founder of Budget Electronics (2008 - 2020)

Smartphones were just becoming ubiquitous in 2008 when I started a wholesale business to realize the opportunity. I immediately set about automating our procurement and sales processes, but found no off-the-shelf solution available for wholesalers. So I decided to build my own software from the ground up.

I built a cloud based solution to support the entire sales life-cycle for an omni-channel business serving both in-store and online customers. The architecture integrated finance, marketing, procurement, customer service and inventory management to serve a seamless experience. This software allowed us to quickly scale up our operations to become the largest online cell phone accessories wholesaler in Canada.

Co-founder and Tech Lead of Weebay (2015 – 2020)

The success of my wholesale business prompted my wife and I to try selling directly to customers. We started selling on eBay, and quickly ramped up our products on Amazon and BestBuy as well. We won eBay’s Entrepreneur of the Year award as one of the top sellers in Canada. We were also nominated as exporter of the year by Canada Post.

Our competitive edge depended on the use of technology. I built a back-end software to manage order deliveries and inventory. The software also tracked competitor products and automatically price matched them.

Co-founder and Tech Lead of Consignment2Go (2014 – 2019)

My partner and I started a company that placed cell phone accessories and sunglasses at convenience stores on a consignment basis. It quickly grew to a large network of over 1,100 confectionary stores, located in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.


I built a highly scalable consignment software to manage inventory across our network. The software functioned as the backbone of the company as it managed all aspects of operations, including sales leads, employee schedules, system-wide invoices, etc. The software used machine learning to optimize delivery routes and inventory replenishment cycles. In addition, I built a mobile app for fleet management.

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CE Instructor of Search Engine Optimization and Web Applications Development at Humber College (2008 - 2011)

At Humber College, I was tasked with assembling a curriculum that taught students how to optimize online properties for search engines, and build web applications. I delivered weekly lectures at the college primarily aimed at business owners looking to increase their digital footprint.

Senior Web Developer for Achilles Media Ltd. (acquired by Brunico Communications) (2007 - 2011)

Achilles Media hosted several successful events each year, including the “Banff World Media Festival”, “nextMedia”, and “Canadian Innovation Exchange”. These events catered to executives looking for networking opportunities. As the lead product developer, I worked with senior managers, graphic designers and contractors to build and manage over 25 event related websites.