Brought to you by UBC BizTech and UBC Product Management Club

This Produthon is brought to you by UBC BizTech and UBC Product Management Club (PMC), with this year's theme: Innovating in the Digital Workspace. A competitive event where participants innovate and prototype products to address real-world issues in a collaborative and fast paced environment with a focus on feedback and learning.

This guide includes everything you need to know about BizTech X PMC's Produthon happening from March 20th to 21st.

📢 Announcements

Hi there, this block will be updated with new announcements! (Updated Mar 12th)

  1. Applications are CLOSED. Congrats to those who made it!
  2. Our product validation workshop is LIVE on Thursday, March 18th at 6:30PM
  3. LG Monitor Giveaway! stand a chance to win here

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💡 About Produthon 2021 💡

UBC BizTech & PMC are so excited to present to you Produthon 2021!

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Table of Contents

About Produthon 2021

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Produthon Itinerary

Bootcamp Week

Produthon Weekend

Exhibition Day

📞 Questions? Contact Us!

If you have any questions about the competition please reachout to UBC BizTech or UBC PMC via Facebook, or email us at:


🗓 Produthon Itinerary

Bootcamp Week: This introductory week will get you comfortable with the product development process. Through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous workshops and exercises, build your skills to set yourself up for the competition!

Produthon Weekend: This conference spans over a series of days to offer you the most memorable and enjoyable product management experience.

Exhibition: ****Connect with notable professionals and peers from the competition at the exclusive Exhibition Day a week after the event.

<aside> 💡 Please note that you are NOT required to participate in all bootcamps and exhibition activities in order to compete/sign up. You are only required to be present on the Produthon competition weekend, March 20th - 21st.