SEPT 24, 2022

Level up your estimates with unit based pricing, recurring services, one-off expenses and total breakdowns!


This is a massive update that extends Estii’s estimation capabilities beyond professional services and time-based resources into managed services, recurring subscriptions, volume-based pricing and one-off expenses:

With this update, we realise our original vision for Estii - to enable B2B businesses to estimate stunning data-driven proposals with any combination of professional, managed and recurring services and products.

Like everything we do, these features minimise the time and effort required to prepare and validate detailed estimates without sacrificing quality and accuracy. They also look stunning when published in the new (and improved) proposal templates.

Read on to find out more about all the fantastic new features!

<aside> ✅ We’ve extensively tested all these new features, and how they interact with all the existing ones - but there is a huge number of possible combinations! If you spot a bug (or have any further suggestions), please let us know at https://feedback.estii.com/.


Products (unit based pricing)

You can now create unit-based products (and services) in the new Product library, and use them to estimate recurring services and one-off expenses within a deal. The product library is available directly from the sidebar menu.

An example of a tiered-price product with three tiers

An example of a tiered-price product with three tiers

Unlike roles and streams, products have additional pricing rules based on quantity ranges, unit type and optional time period: