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| 🏔  Vision | Help teams work better together. | What is your purpose for creating the product?

Which positive change should it bring about? | | --- | --- | --- |

👥  Target group 🔍  Needs 📦  Product 🎯  Business goals
Remote and in-person employees that need to work collaboratively.

Customers: Small startups businesses and mid-size businesses. | Highly customizable digital workspace for teams. | Flexible digital workspace.

Tons of available templates.

Easy to use and intuitive on whether desktop or mobile. | Product will be our company's main offering.

Bring in the majority of our revenue. | | Which market or market segment does this product address?

Who are the target customers and users? | What problem does the product solve?

Which benefit does it provide? | What product is it?

What makes it stand out?

Is it feasible to develop the product? | How is the product going to benefit the company?

What are the business goals? |