At Santiment we are looking for skilled Python product engineers who will be responsible for maintaining and developing our various products.

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Job description

As a product engineer you will be working on the customer-facing aspects of our platform. You will work together with data scientists, analysts, designers and product managers to fetch and process datasets which will be used to deliver the various dashboards on Sanbase's website.

You will need to be flexible with product requests and to be able to ship reliable and maintainable code at a good and steady pace. In this role you will be supported by our Platform engineers and Devops team who will be providing you with necessary tools and training for you to be as productive as possible.

Most of the work involves writing Python scripts and SQL queries for our Clickhouse database. Some of our backend code is written in Javascript and Scala - you might need to work on it as well.

Here are some tasks that you might work on:

Key Qualifications