Mission: Design and execute the optimal product roadmap for achieving the mission and goals of the ShapeShift DAO. Provide design-oriented and brand-focused creative support, guidelines, and guardrails to the myriad of projects the DAO will take on.


Provide feature specifications (including goals and success metrics), UI/UX designs, product management, and applicable front-end development for features prioritized by the ShapeShift DAO.

Curate and propose a product roadmap based on research, user feedback/behavior, and informed vision aligning with the mission and goals of the ShapeShift DAO.


WorkStream Lead: 0xFBL

UX Lead & Developer: Beard

Product Analyst & Partnership Coordinator: PTT

Product Designer: Hoff

Product Workstream Team Agreement

Product Roadmap through june 2023


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The WorkStream conducts several rounds of usability testing on most new features before they are built. Help us make ShapeShift have an awesome user experience by participating and giving feedback. Sign up

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