On-call Lead

The on-call PM is responsible for managing the reproduction, triage, and eradication of bugs across our applications. They are the single-best point of contact for anyone reporting a bug or wondering about the status of a bug. The on-call PM is also responsible for keeping the on-call roadmap up to date with accurate descriptions, assignees, and statuses.

On-call Engineer

The on-call engineer is responsible for fixing S2 bugs outside of work hours (10:30am - 6pm ET).

Off-call Engineer

All engineers who are off-call should mute the on-call Slack channel. They should focus exclusively on their assigned pod work until their PM has explicitly assigned them the task of fixing a bug from the on-call channel.


PMs should be in the on-call Slack channel ready to receive notifications, but they do not need to respond to any bugs until the on-call lead has explicitly assigned them a bug. They should otherwise focus exclusively on their assigned pod work.