A curated list of our favorite tech, product, and design-focused writings on the Internet.


Product Hunt - The best new products in tech.

TechCrunch - Startup and Technology News


Hacker Noon

Home Page - StartUp Beat

AVC - Musings of a VC in NYC


For even more highly-rated product newsletters & resources, take a look at this Twitter thread.


A weekly newsletter about technology and VC by Justine and Olivia Moore.

Lenny's Newsletter

By Lenny Rachitsky.

Constine's Moving Product newsletter

Frameworks for understanding the biggest trends in tech. By Josh Constine.


Business strategy by Nathan Baschez.

Product Lost by @hipcityreg

By @HipCityReg.

22 UX Case Studies To Improve Your Product Skills

Product tips in a comic book format you’ll love to read.

Dense Discovery

At the intersection of tech, design, and culture. Edited by Kai Brach.


Every day, the 5 best design links curated by a selection of great editors. @SidebarIO.