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Hi, I’m Ritika, a product marketer for early-stage startups & small brands. Previously I've built & run a successful startup, with a team of 7 & pitched the product to investors (I’ve done a lot 🙄*).*


Marketing DOESN’T need to be hard, boring & time-consuming for Anyone

Some founders spend months fixing their product, making it perfect & trying to market it to customers who can’t relate to it or aren’t the right fit. I’ve personally been there as a Founder before, until finding the system that works.

Let’s have a 1:1 session to improve your product & marketing. Start here.

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“Wow, this is amazing Ritika! You are an awesome human collecting and organizing all this info so neatly. AND sharing it with others. Was very inspiring and helpful talking with you.” - Junu Y.

“Thank you so much for your great insights. This is exactly the kind of advice I was looking for. I loved the deep dive into building a presence and finding the right channel & creating the product strategy.” - Vishal S.

📞 How to schedule a call?

Fill out the form 👉 , make payment and schedule a call. by adding the details.

This forum helps me understand you & your product better.

Once you submit, I will reach out to get any additional context before our call. This lets me make sure I come to our call fully prepared to dive in right away.

🌱How it works?

Expect the call to go up to 60 mins long. (I mostly have detailed, intense brainstorming & discussion sessions with the founder).

I will audit the current situation of the product and understand the problem you’re facing. Based on that, we’ll create an actionable strategy.

<aside> 🤝 If you want me to work on a long-term project or goal, email me here: ritikamehtaa@gmail.com. I take a very small amount of long-term projects with a specific goal the startup has to achieve.



<aside> ❓ Note: *- Once you make the payment, you’ll be asked to schedule a call (which you can also reschedule later, just let me know prior).


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