Starting with WHY

In one of my previous #CatchUpSundays editions, I wrote this regarding a career change:

Through different experiences, there is one thing that leaves me extremely competitive, happy, motivated, focused, hungry to learn more about: product management. I love to read how ideas grow and bloom. I love to hear about small businesses, personal projects, and the stories of the people behind them. As since young I’ve been involved in little projects, if there’s one thing that makes me incredibly happy and proud is seeing a team come together, work together, and deliver something incredible, new, and innovative together.

Why changing in 2022

We’re 6 days in 2022 and I feel incredibly motivated to finally dive deep in something I’m really passionate about and want to grow into, and that is growing in demand. You see, as an undecided person who quickly spreads her attention into dozens of subjects, the habit of keeping researching about it but doing nothing has lead me obviously nowhere. At the present time I want to throw myself into a new challenge. It’s pretty common to say you’re looking for a new challenge when you’re looking for a new job, but for me this literally means challenging myself.

Researching about the Industry

I’ve started my research into a new professional area as I always do: spend some time navigating through LinkedIn profiles, identifying common skills (soft, career specific, technical), and check what certifications people have.

In the Table below I’ve put the most popular skills I found.

Product Business Skills: Product Design, Product Launch, Product Management, Product Analysis, Product Strategy, Product Development, Strategic Roadmaps, Product Road Mapping, Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Business Strategy, Stakeholder Management, Corporate Communication

Technical Skills: Data Analysis, Google Analytics, Scrum, Excel, SQL, Python, Tableau, JIRA, Stats


There are tons of resources out there! Here I’ll compile what I’ve been coming across.

Created a Product Management YouTube playlist to save videos I found helpful.

📚 Books