When working with my teams, it sometimes happened that I referred to tools, frameworks and approaches they wouldn't know. So they asked and I happily explained. After that happened repeatedly, it occurred to me it might be a good idea to collect, organize and share relevant material to get into the Product Management craft — the content that I, Mario, personally found most valuable during my career.

So, here it is. A FREE collection on all things Product Management. FREE as in free beer. Partially my own content and comments but mostly providing an overview of valuable resources to follow-up with, by the greatest minds of the product craft. For sure, there will be a certain bias towards my own experiences in Enterprise B2B but I still hope it helps.

I plan to continuously add content, step-by-step, with no further intention of publishing it as of today.

I. Getting Started

What is Product Management

Discovery vs. Delivery

Read! This! First!

II. Product Discovery

Understanding the Four Risks in Product Development

🧬 Discovery Frameworks

Double Diamond

Adaptable Product Discovery

Discovery Sprints

Customer Discovery Program

Continuous Discovery

Implementing Discovery in B2B