Remote, Part-Time, and Flexible (1-10 hours/week, $110-175/hr)

About Us

Practica ( helps modern workers continuously upgrade their skills and excel at work. We deeply believe that all people are capable of growth and rapid skill development, particularly when they have an expert in their corner.

We're bringing structured, on-the-job learning to product managers up and down the org, from entry-level roles to senior product managers, VPPs & CPOs, and beyond. Our new approach is based on domain expertise, authoritative content, and a clear methodology. On Practica, any accomplished product management professional can become a rockstar coach. The only requirement is that you love working 1-1 with individuals that are eager to learn.

About The Role

  1. Work 1-1 with IC product managers: We match you with individuals across a variety of companies that are eager to learn from your skills and experience. You'll meet with them on a regular basis to help them learn and grow using the Practica curriculum and coaching methodology. We match learners with coaches that are 1-2 levels ahead of them, so to coach ICs, you might be anywhere from a PM (coach APMs) to a Group / Director of PM (coach Senior PMs).
  2. Help learners overcome on-the-job challenges: Use your expertise and perspective to give learners actionable steps to take with confidence towards solving work challenges and performing at the peak of their ability.
  3. Teach skills that are valuable throughout a learner's career: Use Practica content and skill maps to help learners identify and focus on the skills that will enable them to achieve their long-term career goals.
  4. Build meaningful relationships: The most fun and rewarding part of being an instructor on Practica are the connections you make. You'll build deep relationships with like-minded individuals in the industry, share in their challenges and wins, and help someone make meaningful, career-changing progress.

About You

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