Welcome to On Deck Product Engineering!

This playbook is designed for new engineers. It is a living document that will evolve over time.

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Engineering Team Overview

Company Overview

The On Deck product is an invaluable part of the experience, but also has break-out potential as a potential LinkedIn competitor. - On Deck Series A Memo

Who we are

No-Code Infrastructure

Michael Gill - Sr. Software Engineer (Engineering Lead)

Richard Pölderl - Software Engineer

No-Code Enablement

Lorenzo Castro - Enablement Lead (Team Lead)

Rachel Farley - Operations/Support Lead

Vensy Krishna - Education Lead

Data Products

Yad Konrad - Sr. Data Engineer

Andy Barr - Sr. Data Engineer

Fernando Wittmann - Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

Data Platform

(Agency) Tasman.ai

Marty Bode - Sr. Data Engineer

Khanh Nguyen - Sr. Data Engineer


Walid Ziouche - Sr. Software Engineer


Rishi Tripathy - Product Group Lead (Community)

Stef Lewandowski - Product Group Lead (Platform)

Community Platform

Steven Schmatz - Sr. Software Engineer (Engineering Lead)