We are building a new way to record software so that it can be replayed later. Recording with Replay is similar to recording a video, but with the ability to inspect React components, view API calls, and add a print statements after the fact. It is all possible because we record low-level browser events and replay the browser session after the fact.

We raised a pre-seed round last summer with the goal of assembling the dream-team and proving the tech. We recently closed a seed round with the goal of bringing Replay to market and introducing Replay to the world.

If we are successful, by this time next year, Replay will be used by thousands of teams and hundreds of thousands of users to record bug reports and ask questions. Replay will be the go to tool for asking JS questions on Twitter, Discord, Stack Overflow, and GitHub.

The Position

As product engineer, you will have the opportunity to directly shape Replay’s core user experiences. This includes the existing debugging experience, where you'll refine Replay's novel time travel debugger to feel more approachable and familiar. It also includes the collaboration experience, where you'll help reimagine the leading edge of collaborative debugging.

We mostly work with a core stack consisting of React, Typescript, Node, and GraphQL. Depending on your interest, skills and our current roadmap, you may do more feature work or more infrastructure work.

Right now we're focused on building out a platform around Replay. Here is a sample of work we've done lately to help you get a better idea of what the job entails:

About You

We're looking for candidates with a strong track record of bringing products to life. You should be experienced with React and the staples of full stack development: HTTP, HTML, Javascript, CSS.

You should be an engineer first and foremost. But you should also be capable of putting on your product, designer and planner hats when necessary.

Just because you're experienced doesn't mean we expect you to hit the ground running. We're big fans of learning, and we expect you to take the time to learn and grow comfortable with our system, process and people.

We do our best work when we're collaborating. We expect you to be a team player who's comfortable working with others early and often. For example, instead of a overdrawn DM exchange, we expect you to be comfortable going on a call and wrapping up the discussion quickly.

Since the bulk of our work is written — from the code and interfaces we design, to the pull request discussion and proposal we make — being a good writer is especially important.

Being able to overlap with PST at least 4 hours is a requirement, which means we're mostly looking at folks in US time zones