About Sora

The US education system is broken, and we’re building its replacement. Sora is a no-compromises approach to building the best high school in the world.

Traditional high schools have always done the same thing: make students memorize content, test them, score them, and rank them. As a result, students are losing their creativity, motivation, and are unprepared to succeed in the real world.

Sora is a high school, reimagined. At Sora, students work on passion-based projects. They get to create whatever they imagine. They don't attend lecture-based classes or read old textbooks—they're building video games, writing fantasy novels, conducting scientific research, and more! We connect them with titans of industries to expose them to new careers and fields of study. Students don’t just cover the full breadth of academic subjects. They also develop important soft skills, learn about financial literacy, philosophy, and more. Our school is organized into small, tight-knit cohorts so every group of students and faculty can feel close and engaged in their community.

We’re accelerating students toward their wildest dreams and can't wait for you to join us!

Job Description

Our team is looking for a Product Designer to join us in crafting new ways to interact with learning. The products we create make Sora’s no-compromises approach possible. If you love to question the way things are, synthesize complexity into elegance, and hone the creative process, get in touch with us.


  1. Devise delightful interactions that are clear, focused, and expansive.
  2. Plan and facilitate user experience research.
  3. Translate product opportunities into design constraints and user stories.
  4. Contribute to and maintain our design language across all peripheral mediums.
  5. Work with the product team to synthesize complexity and hold priorities at every stage of the design process.
  6. Be bold and ask questions that have never been asked before.


  1. Prior experience crafting expressive, intuitive, and expansive interfaces.
  2. Prior experience with design systems.
  3. Someone who can synthesize abstract ideas into concrete solutions.