Careers at Capable Health

Who we are

Our vision is a world where every person is capable of achieving their health goals.

Capable Health is a purpose-built developer platform to launch best-in-class consumer health apps. You can think of us as the API middleware powering modern healthcare experiences that delight patients and providers alike.

Based on our experience building high-growth healthcare products, we’ve learned firsthand how regulatory compliance makes it difficult to build quality patient-centered services, and how vendors that will work with personal health information are limited and often too expensive. At Capable Health, we’re building HIPAA-compliant APIs that accelerate patient-facing products while improving the quality of life for engineering and product teams.

We’re founded by the former CTO of Candid (Series B orthodontics startup in NYC) and backed by AlleyCorp which founded companies like MongoDB (NASDAQ: MDB), Business Insider, Gilt Groupe, Zola, Nomad Health, and more.

About this role

We are looking for an experienced product designer to lead design across our platform of tools for developers, practitioners, and patients.

You’ll lead continuous discovery practices to deeply empathize with our customers (digital health startups) and their end-users (practitioners, coaches, patients, members). You'll report to the Head of Product.

Everyone joining at this stage will wear multiple hats, work across the product surface, and will have equity in the business.

What you’ll do

What you’ll need