<aside> 💡 Did you know that the Latin word for product designer is orator? Ok, so that’s not actually true, but oration is very much how we see product design here at Privy: it is our voice. The interfaces we put forth are our main means of communicating with our users, the tip of the spear for all work.


We’re excited to work with an amazing designer to craft developer and end-user facing experiences at Privy.

As the design lead at Privy, you'll be working on the UI and UX shaping all user experiences we enable. This includes all Privy digital and real-world assets, tools to help developers navigate privacy tradeoffs, end-user interfaces enabling Web3 adventurers to manage how their data is used online, and so much more.

Design at Privy

Design at Privy is not just about pixel-pushing or generating assets for engineers. Design is about crafting intuitive product experiences. This is about UX, not just UI. The best ideas, most elegant software abstractions, most powerful developer tools can all be ignored if they are not expressed in a way that touches users... We’ve got a long way to go in Web3.

Product Design is a core discipline at Privy and the main way in which we communicate our values to developers and enable them to make better choices for their users. By making privacy tradeoffs tangible to developers and their users, you can help lay the foundations for a private and sovereign Web.

At Privy, you will be working to craft a new type of developer experience. We believe that usability and delight must never be sacrificed in the name of correctness; we believe that good interfaces and good defaults can change the status quo in technology; and we believe that design is not just a flourish that comes at the end of a release, but rather an integral part of product creation end-to-end.

Come build with us.

As design lead at Privy, you will…

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