<aside> 🤔 How this document should be used? Create a tagging governance document to ensure notes are being properly tagged upon feedback submission.

When does this come into play? Tagging governance document should be defined and shared (typically in wikis such as Confluence or Notion) prior to rolling out the Insights program to the wider organization.


The problem

Contributors play a big role to capture customer feedback. When they are creating a new note, they are often not sure about which tags to use and who should read the note they are creating. When a note does not have these fields assigned, there are bigger chances the note may be missed or take longer to process.

For Makers, a big number of unprocessed notes can be overwhelming and can discourage them from achieving "inbox 0". Also, by not reading the feedback coming from customers there are higher chances they are missing having the Voice of the Customer in their decisions about what to build next.


A governance document indicating tags and people to assign can be greatly beneficial for both Contributors and Makers.

What's in it for Contributors?

What's in it for Makers?

Copy of Template - Tags & Owner by Product Areas / Themes

Copy of Template - General Tags