Processing a Client Payment

Once you Invoice, 1500 claim form, or Superbill is generated, you are now ready to process a client payment. Go to the "Client Billing" menu item again and select the open bill that you would like to collect payment for, then click "Add" under the payments tab. You will be presented will the following modal.

Entering payments is simple; just enter the amount that the Client has paid. (The Bill will not be considered closed until the outstanding amount due is paid in full) The Payment type:

  1. Credit/Debit/HSA Card
  2. Cash/Check
  3. Credit/Discount (Credit here refers to credit the Client may have with you via a prepayment, overpayment, or reimbursement.)
  4. Other

If you have set up Stripe to collect Credit Card, Debit, or HSA Payments, you can process the Client's payment instantly. Just enter the Client's credit card information (this can be saved for later use), and Stripe will process the payment and deposit funds into the account you specified when setting up your Stripe account. If you have another method for processing payments, you can still select "Credit/Debit/HSA Card" don't click the "Online Payment?" checkbox. After you have entered the payment amount and type, you can also add any additional notes that you would like to add to this Bill record.

When a client overpays

When an EOB comes back and the client should have owed less than what they paid, open the payment dialog by clicking 'Add Payment,' and then 'Insurance Payment.' Now, change the value of the 'Client Owes' field to what they actually owed. Any difference from that amount and what was initially paid will be refunded as a credit on their profile.