Instead of creating idea folder I wanted to create problems folder because the best companies solve a problem. To be honest sometimes I get the idea first and that’s why there are those too. Often it might be a stupid idea solving minor problem.

"Founders often hold too tightly onto solutions and too loosely onto problems." Michael Seibel


Old unorganized (will organize some day)

Predicting Plane Ticket Price

Could it be possible to guess random number generator algorithm?

Traffic sign reading and other driving assistant app. Not all cars has that feature. Also warnings about driving too close to the next car.

User could send tweet following certain format and adding some tag and then it could be turned into a post in some other platform. Piggyback strategy

Self-Contained project

Companies collect our data maybe without giving us enough back. Solution could be some kind of software that modifies the data like location and then sends this incorrect data to these companies. In theory if enough people do it and it’s impossible to see what’s fake and what’s real companies couldn’t use the data even the real because there is so much noise. Even if this could work I probably wouldn’t use it because Google is offering amazing products for free in exchange for data which I’m happy to give.

How to get people to contribute open source project. If there were some way to share the profits maybe people would be more interested. Crypto.

Not enough material is summarized. Like lectures, books, etc. Automatic summary isn’t human level yet.

Take screenshot of app and change all colors. This way anyone can test different colors and find the best without modifying the code.

Uber post. If someone is driving from Los Angeles to New York they could take people’s packages the same time.

Medium alternative where user can group articles and see timeline of the latest changes. More like public notion. The idea is that users can document their worklife by for example integrating calendar.

Get information of some person by taking a picture of them. Picture search + looking the best matches. For example in event could quickly check who people are.

Buying flight points

Simple AutoML

Note app with face recognition so you can create notes about employees and then pull them with just pointing camera to their face.