Early stage founders and entrepreneurs often face challenges in establishing their credibility and building trust with potential investors and partners. This can be particularly difficult if they are just starting out and do not yet have a track record of success or a reputation in their industry. Without a proven track record, it can be difficult for investors and partners to have confidence in the founder's or entrepreneur's ability to deliver on their promises and fulfil their contractual obligations.

This lack of trust can make it more challenging for early stage founders and entrepreneurs to secure funding and partnerships, which can be crucial for their success and growth. Without the necessary funding and support, it may be difficult for them to bring their ideas to fruition or scale their businesses.

Furthermore, even if early stage founders and entrepreneurs are able to secure funding and partnerships, there is no guarantee that the terms of the agreements will be followed. This can leave both parties at risk, as the founder or entrepreneur may struggle to deliver on their commitments, and the investor or partner may not receive the expected return on their investment. It is important for both parties to carefully consider and mitigate these risks in order to build a successful and sustainable relationship.