Create private teams for issues that should only be accessed by certain workspace members.

What are private teams

Private teams let you create teams visible to select members in the workspace. The team and issues in them will only be visible to workspace members who have been invited to the private team (and admins have limited access). This feature is limited to paid plans. Anyone in the workspace can create a private team or make an existing team private.

Outside of permissions-related functionality, private teams work just like other Teams.

When to use private teams

Private teams may be helpful for these use cases:

We have plans to support other permissions-related features in the future such as guest users.

Who has access to private teams

The person who creates a private team or makes an existing team private becomes the default owner of the private team with full access to issues and team settings. Workspace admins have limited access; they can see all private teams in settings, update team settings, and join private teams but will not see issues in a private team unless they join it.

If an admin uses their privileges to join a private team, they'll be shown a warning and we'll notify the team owners. Admins can choose when exporting issues to include issues from any private team. The Google Sheets integration does not populate issue data from private teams, only public ones.

How to invite members to a private team

Owners of a private team and workspace admins can go to Team Settings > Members to invite other workspace members to the team. This is also where they can promote existing members to team owners. Members of a private team can leave the team on their own, but they won't be able to re-join the team on their own once they leave.

How to make teams private or public

Toggle the private teams option on when creating a new team to make it private. To make an existing team private or vice versa, go to Team Settings > Members and toggle the setting on or off.

Making a team private, will remove any assignees that are not team members from the team's issues. Likewise, any subscribers to issues of the team that are not team members will be removed.

Private teams, issues, and projects

Private team issues and projects are not visible to members outside of the private team.

Issues: Issues in a private team can only be viewed or assigned to members of that private team. You cannot @mention someone outside the team in private team issues. Only team members can be subscribed to issues of the private team.