Private Packs is a cutting edge startup that focuses on the principle that intimate body part healing and pain relief should be accessible to all individuals. We are committed to providing top quality, innovative, and safe products that are practical yet elegant.


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Leadership Team

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Suzanne Sinatra - New York, New York, United States | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

Suzanne Roberts | Founder & CEO

Suzanne Sinatra is an experienced Wall Street marketing executive working at many top echelon brands such as Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones, UBS, Deutsche Bank, and Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. Suzanne left her flourishing career in 2017 to be a Founder of a consumer product goods company, Private Packs.

Launched in 2019, Private Packs was initially scheduled to launch in 2017. However, two weeks before her crowdfunding campaign Suzanne was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. While in treatment, Suzanne continued to work on Private Packs, which became unintentional R&D for Private Packs as she was chemically induced into menopause, leaving her with chronic vaginal dryness, which is a symptom of menopause that is rarely discussed but experienced by over 1 billion women globally. Happy and healthy today, Suzanne is an advocate for female health.

Before moving to America from her birth country of Canada, Suzanne was a member of the Royal Canadian Armed Forces and was one of three women across the country to be selected for a competitive Aircrew Search and Survival course, and she is a skilled marksman.

Private Packs is a healthcare company that designs wearable, reusable hot and cold packs that relieve private body part pain, swelling, and discomfort on-the-go. The ergonomic design moves with your body for discreet comfort anywhere. Their first design addresses the millions of people that suffer from chronic vulvar pain.

Value Proposition

🐝 Wearable Patented Design

Our first product that addresses vulvovaginal pain, makes us the first and only therapy pack with a granted design patent that truly molds to the female body.

💸 FSA, HSA Reimbursable and Tax Exempt

Private Packs minimizes the hit to our customer’s wallet by being tax free and a qualified reimbursable expense by various health savings account without denting our 91% profit margin.

🏪 Neighborhood Accessibility

Private Packs is in 500+ CVS HealthHub locations nationwide and a month after our e-commerce launch and was we’ve just award business for Year 2.

🌎 Reusability = Sustainability

Our end-to-end approach to sustainability is all-encompassing - from our products being reusable to our investment in ethical production to end-of-lifecycle solutions. Everything we ship our products in is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We use PET in our retail packaging and it is completely recyclable and is the most recycled plastic in the world.