About Misskey Official Instance

The microblog SNS Misskey official instance ("instance" below) is an official instance of Misskey developed as an open source. The website address is https://misskey.io .

For the handling of privacy information of this instance, the following privacy policy ("Policy") is defined in the This Website ("Website") as follows.

If there is any conflict between the Japanese version of the Policy and a version translated into another language, the Japanese version shall prevail.

The reason for collecting personal information that this instance collects

1. About privacy information

  1. "Privacy information" in the Personal Information Protection Act means "personal information" as defined in the Personal Information Protection Act, and is information on an individual who is alive and that can identify a specific individual by the date of birth and other technologies included in the information.
  2. "Record information and characteristic information" in the privacy information means something other than the above-mentioned "personal information", and refers to information such as a page visited by a user, search query, usage time, usage method, usage environment, age, user IP address, Information, and object identification information of the terminal. In addition, if the user agrees, we will use Google Analytics, an access analysis tool by Google. Google Analytics Terms of Use here.

2. About collecting privacy information

  1. This instance may require you to provide personal information such as your date of birth and email address when you register.
  2. When you use this instance or visit web pages of this instance, we may automatically collect historical and characteristic information such as services and software used, pages viewed, search keywords, usage time, usage method, usage environment (including various setting information when using the communication status of the terminal when using the terminal), IP addresses, cookie information, location information, and terminal identification information.

3. About the purpose of collecting and using personal information

We may use the personal information we collect from you for the following purposes:

  1. To allow users to view their registration information and to display information about the registration information and services used to view the modified usage
  2. Use e-mail to notify users and contact them or use contact information such as e-mail address to confirm the user's identity.
  3. Purpose of making your age public so that you can connect with each other smoothly
  4. In order to allow users to easily input data, the information registered in this instance is displayed on the input screen or the purpose of transmitting to another instance according to the user's instruction
  5. In order to respond to user inquiries, the contents of the inquiry and the information necessary for this instance to deliver the service to the user,
  6. The purpose for the purposes of the above use

4. About third party provision of personal information