Welcome to the privacy page for SuperNormal. We take privacy very seriously and would like to explain exactly how your data is used in our product. Below, you'll find a list of third parties that we use for things like customer support, analytics, and marketing. If you want to read the legal versions of our Terms of Service, our GDPR Data Processing Addendum or Privacy Policy, you can find the links to those below.

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Data Processing Addendum

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3rd Party 🎉 Subprocessors

That is a fancy name for some service that we use that may have access to information about your account on SuperNormal.


We use Google for producing transcriptions for the video content created on Supernormal.

Amazon Web Services

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for storing the videos, transcriptions, summaries and other application data. You can think of them as our giant database and video streaming provider.


Amplitude helps us understand how people use SuperNormal. We use it to count things like clicks, video views, how much time people spend using SuperNormal and other important product metrics. Our product leads are busy trying to figure out what these numbers mean and how they can measure improvements in SuperNormal.


Heroku manages our AWS servers for us, so we can focus on building the best things for you.