This policy overview details the information that we (Tactical NAV, LLC) collect through your usage of Tactical NAV. We also explain how we use that data in this policy overview.

1. Information We Collect:

We may collect a small amount of anonymous data to help us improve the app. This includes general information about your device, and information about the settings and features you use while using the app.

We absolutely never collect your location, waypoints, or what map regions you are looking at.

2. Information you send to us:

We collect information that you choose to send us by emailing us or signing up for our mailing lists. This includes your email address, name, and other information that you provide.

3. Information utilization:

We use the information we collect to further improve the app and for customer service and support. In general, we do not share any information we collect with others. There are some exceptions:

4. Your Consent:

By using Tactical NAV, you consent to our privacy policy.

5. Questions:

Please send an email to Jon and the Tactical NAV team at for any questions and support.