User-Generated Content

All user-generated content in Blur Faces is stored only on the user's device. Blur Faces does not transfer user-generated content to or store on external servers. Blur Faces does not operate a separate server to store user-generated content. Therefore, Chope does not own or collect user-generated content.

Face Recognition Data

For the convenience of the user, a face is found in the selected photo and a blur effect is applied. Face recognition results are not saved on the server. It is removed when the app is closed. We do not collect face data for purposes other than blur.

Anonymized Product Usage Information

Blur Faces uses Firebase Analytics provided by Google for product improvement through user status analysis and product function usage analysis. It also uses Firebase Crashlytics to analyze abnormal app termination. And for remote configuration of the product, it uses Firebase Remote Config. These services collect anonymous product usage information that is not linked to user identity. We do not use this information for any other purpose other than those described above. For example, we do not use the collected information for targeted advertising purposes or provide it to third parties.

The information collected by each service is as follows.

Commonly collected information

Device model, OS, app bundle ID, development platform

Firebase Analytics

Product interaction events such as app launch, app update, and session duration.

App instance identifier, anonymized IP address, etc

Vendor identifier (iOS), Advertising ID (Android)

Firebase Crashlytics

Information related to crash errors (stack traces, relevant application state, custom keys, logs)

For more details, please refer to the two articles provided by Google below.