Synergyboat is dedicated and committed to protecting your data and information and respecting your privacy as well. We never misuse the information received in the normal course of business and misconduct our relationship with our clients, customers, or users. Synergyboat attempts to give you as much information and control possible concerning your data and the way we use it in the course of our business.

You can visit Synergyboat without letting us know who you are or telling us any information about yourself. Without your consent, we will never disclose, rent, or sell your personal information to any outside party unless the law or court order is obliged to do so. Synergyboat may send you e-mails regarding our upgrades, services, products, and any other special offers which are available from time to time.

Synergyboat offers a public website where you can share and search for information about technology services, products, and providers, you can also communicate with other users and give your reviews and recommendations about various technology products. You can also associate with the software providers directly on our website.

Information we track and assemble

At some point in time, we may need to gather information from you through our website. This will generally involve you filling forms or e-mailing us to retrieve services or information. For legal reasons, we must verify the identity of the person responsible for the information you submit to us. This step is necessary to protect the interest of both parties. Synergyboat also uses a personalized mail-tracking system that can identify when the users respond to definite e-mail offers. This information is used by us to modify future service offers based on the recognized interest.

What do we do with the information gathered?

The information collected from the forms you fill on our website is used either to –

– Give you information regarding, services, products, events, and news and also allows you to purchase the services.


– To collect broad demographic information about the trends of the user.

Synergyboat uses several methods to gather certain other kinds of information that are not intended to be personally identifiable, including “referrers”, “cookies”, environment variables, and IP address.

A “cookie” is an element of data that a website like Synergyboat can send to your browser, which then will be stored on your system. It can be used to give you a modified and personalized user experience. Cookies are used to personalize the content, promotions, address for the betterment of the user experience. We use this information to understand and research the habits of users in total are different or similar so that we can improve your experience on our website and with our services. With your permission, cookies can store information from the forms that you had filled on our website, so that the next time you visit, you need not enter any information again. When you purchase something on our website, we treat the personally identifiable information with the same confidentiality as you. The browser can be set to notify you when you receive cookies and gives you a chance whether to accept them or not. Synergyboat does not necessarily require you to accept cookies.

A “referrer” is the information communicated or passed by a web browser referred from the linked web URL and automatically gathered by our web browser. This information is used by Synergyboat to analyze broad demographic trends which are used to give information modified for your interests. From this information, you will not be personally identified.

IP addresses are used by your system every time you are connected to the internet. Your IP address is a unique number that is used by your network routers to identify your computer so that data can be sent to you such as the web page you requested. Synergyboat will not use your IP address to analyze your personal information unless required by court or law order to do so.

System information we collect includes time, type of web browser used, addresses operating platform/system. When you are connected to any website, this information is automatically sent by your web browser and is used by Synergyboat only for broad demographic statistics. You will not be identified personally by this information.

Privacy Policy Changes

This policy is subject to changes without any prior notification and all the policy changes will be posted on this web page. If you have any doubt or questions about this privacy policy or any other practices of our website, you may contact:

How to Reach Us

If you have a question about this Privacy Policy, or you would like to contact us about any of the rights mentioned in the Your Rights section above, please contact us.