Brandsynth provides 100% print compatible files for your designs, however, there may be a difference from how you see it on your screen, to how it looks once printed. Below are a few key points of consideration to ensure that you're happy with the end result.

Colors in print

Variation in printed colors

On screen colors (RGB) will appear duller when converted to print (CMYK).

This mainly affects the brightest colors that may faappear almost neon on screen. Most colors convert to CMYK printing with minimal change.

What is RGB & CMYK?

RGB Colors These are the colors that screens display using illuminated pixels. They use a mix of red, green & blue.

CMYK Colors These are used for printing, consisting of cyan, magenta, yellow & black.

Printing contrast

<aside> ⚡ TIP: Printing contrast is important to be aware of if your design has subtle differences.


Screens with illuminated pixels present designs with subtle contrasts much better due to their brightness. When printing, subtle designs will lose approximately 4%-8% of contrast and brightness.


On screen Designs appear brighter because they’re projected with illuminated pixels.

Printed A 4%-8% loss in contrast after being printed.

What to do? Depending on your selected design, please be aware that some subtlety may be reduced when printed. If you’re concerned about this, discuss the production with your printer to gauge their expert advice.

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