Environment Is The Most Important Thing as We Take A Natural Approach to Learning English ..where Success Is Simply This Step Now

We release ourselves from the Idea of Perfection.

..and realize there is Never a Single Answer.

Learning to learn. Becoming your own teacher.

..the General Underlying the Specific.

Class Principles

  1. Environment is the foundation of learning.
  2. Environment occurs between learners and others. Successful communication is always more than one.
  3. Class is methods and techniques. The General not particular.
  4. Class is a prelude to the learning that follows.
  5. Learning occurs naturally, in small steps, over the long term.
  6. Small number of students directly with teacher.
  7. Most learning occurs in exploration and experimentation.
  8. Success is measured at the level of the individual.
  9. In the last step we learn for the next - There are no mistakes.
  10. Grammar is less effective as a way to first learn.
  11. Words are the least effective way to say a word.