⚓️ Value Driven

Career progression, performance evaluation and hiring should be aligned with Our Engineering Values, so we incentivise, reward, and hire for what we value.

⚖️ Fair

Evaluation should be based on a well-understood, transparent and predictable system that treats everyone equally regardless of age, tenure, gender, negotiation skills, or how often you ask for raises.

💡 Simple

Expected skills and behaviours should be clearly laid out without much room for interpretation. Engineers should be able to evaluate themselves at any time without further guidance.

🏳️‍🌈 Inclusive

Our growth framework should not favour any particular character traits or career path choices. Whether maker or manager, introvert or extrovert, communication talent or architecture genius — we want to provide anyone with a suitable growth path and avoid preferential treatment.

🤸‍♂️ Flexible

Our growth framework is not a GPS that wants to prescribe every single step in a precise order. Rather, it serves as a compass that outlines the general direction but provides autonomy on choosing the route. We want to avoid the development of a homogeneous team, where everyone has to follow the same path. Some people may want to focus on perfecting their technical skills while others prioritise developing their leadership abilities. We want to afford everyone the flexibility to chart their own growth path based on their personal inclination and interests.