About the Job

Tweddle Group is looking to hire a Principal Software Engineer to lead the development of Tracer, our flagship electrical diagnostic product. You'll focus on long term engineering vision and code fidelity, while supporting the core engineering team in executing and making trade offs according to the product vision. You'll be an individual contributor that leads Tracer's core engineering team by example rather than by direct management. You'll work closely with product managers to ensure our engineering decisions align with product vision. Although you'll have full support from our core engineering, integration, data analytics, and operations teams, we're looking for a manager-of-one. This means you'll be responsible for managing and prioritizing your own work, focusing on results, and communicating effectively with the team.

This role requires not only taking responsibility and ownership for a product's engineering quality but holding others accountable for its quality as well. From new infrastructure or architecture changes to thoroughness and thoughtfulness of pull request reviews, you'll keep a mindful eye on day-to-day activities, stepping in when needed, teaching and encouraging best practices. You'll go deep across the entire software stack and always strive to leave the codebase better than you found it.

About Us

At Tweddle Group, we take pride in the innovative products we build and our unique approach to product management and engineering. We empathize with our customers and we dig deep to understand their struggles and the progress they're trying to make.

After years of variants of scrum and agile methodologies, we turned to Shape Up for its underlying software development principles and practices and we haven't looked back. We value discovery over pontification, optionality over obligation, autonomy over delegation, and self awareness and emotional intelligence over all. We work in 4 week cycles with a 1 week cool down. We develop fixed time, variable scope projects called pitches that are assigned each cycle. Principal Engineers are responsible for developing their own pitches in collaboration with the broader teams.

About Tracer

Tracer is an electrical diagnostic product. Automotive manufacturers use Tracer to help technicians quickly find and repair electrical issues that occur during assembly. Tracer helps them build higher quality vehicles and saves them money too. Tracer is a web-based product built with the following technologies

Tweddle's internal processes for Tracer are managed via an application written in Rails and React, with PostgreSQL and Neo4J.

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