**Hi there! We're looking for people who love creating educational content to help us design and write content for live social experiences for kids.

We don't have openings for this role today, but we expect this position to have new openings regularly based on our changing needs. If you're interested, please reach out and we'll follow up with you when a new role opens up!**

This is a part-time, paid contracting position. Hours and length are flexible but we're looking for 10-20 hours a week of availability for at least 8 weeks.

Please read on, and if interested, reach out to jobs@withprimer.com with a bit about yourself and your relevant experience!

🌈 What is Primer

💛 About you!

🏗️ What you'll be working on


Example Slides


This example is from a call titled "Puzzlers" that happens every week.


This example is from a call titled "Settling a Space Colony" where kids have to decide which modules to include.


This example is from a call titled "Race to the Ancient Temple" where kids have to figure out the shortest path across many different cities.