Brandsynth's current pricing is based on an individual brand

Core branding bundle

Price: $89USD

The core branding bundle is the only tier currently available for your brand purchase. Along with the documents & features listed, this tier will also include access to future core documents and features as the platform grows.

As our document and feature set expands, so will our pricing.



Future documents & designs

Brandsynth has an extensive roadmap of design styles and document types. To find out more, view our roadmap.

Future design variations and documentation will be added to your available document bundle (if applicable). After a product update is released, new design variations and documentation will be automatically available for viewing or download on your Brandsynth account.

Additional brands

After a brand has been purchased, any subsequent brands purchased on the same account will receive an automatically applied discount.

Larger team sizes

Currently, larger team sizes are only available on request. The ability to expand team sizes is a feature on our roadmap.

Contact, feedback & support

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