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The technology has been demonstrated to audiences in both Copenhagen and Stockholm.

These demos have created spontaneous and significant excitement as expressed in the following videos:


30 August 2022: Investor Presentation live @ FS Market


8 September 2022: Presentation of the technology and its application

❕scroll down on pdf below to see more

AiFi Presentation_Stockholm_20220908 v20220920sb.pdf

8 September 2022: Demo and Reactions


8 September 2022: Latest investor presentation ❕scroll down on pdf below to see more

Business objectives and process - plan_ 2022-09-08.pdf

8 September 2022: After the event some of the prominent bloggers, etc. posted from the experience in Stockholm

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 19.35.26.png

ℹ️ Michael Åkerman on LinkedIn

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 22.42.09.png

ℹ️ Dogge Doggelito on Facebook


15 June 2022: Introduction


15 June 2022: Long Form Interview and Demo