Notion Certified Consultants are trusted productivity experts and solutions architects.

Whether this describes your current business or your vision, this guide will help you assemble a robust application and prepare for the practical exercise.

Notion Consultant Certification is an advanced Notion certification. Check out our other offerings to become Notion Certified to make sure it’s right for you.

Lay the groundwork.

Through the Notion Consultant certification, we endorse consultancies proven to help users make the most of Notion. They're established businesses with existing clients and a strong presence in the Notion community. Prior to applying, you'll want to have a sound foundation for your business.

Participate in online communities.

Notion is distinguished by its active user community. Across online platforms, users ask and answer questions, exchange resources, and discuss ideas. Within these conversations, Notion Consultants remain active and authoritative.

As you prepare for certification, you can position yourself as a foremost Notion professional by answering questions regularly and dependably. Linking to your relevant, uniquely valuable content can help you grow a following and drive leads — but take care to avoid spammy behavior and excessive self-promotion.

For Notion Certified Consultant applicants, we like to see regular community engagement over the previous three months. The best contributions clearly help users overcome specific roadblocks.

→ For Notion's online communities and social media profiles, please reference the Notion Community page.

Publish resources.

By producing videos, templates, courses and other resources, you create gateways to consulting opportunities. These resources boost awareness, grow your following, build affinity and, ultimately, drive business inquiries.

Follow these strategies to develop a strong resource portfolio for your Notion Consultant application:

Here's some inspiration for your resource production—some free, others paid:

<aside> 💡 For more information about resource production, visit Notion's Community and Business pages.


Grow your following.

Notion Certified Consultants are dependable sources of insight, typically with considerable followings across channels. By participating in online communities and publishing and promoting uniquely valuable resources, you'll grow your own base of followers, which boosts your credibility and fills the top of your sales funnel. It also bolsters your Notion Consultant application.

Allocate due time and other resources to forming partnerships and other audience-acquisition strategies. The investment will pay dividends.

Build your portfolio.