Exponentialize.me premium templates are created to provide you the maximun gain with a minimum effort. We believe that you should be focusing on your business and your personal endeavours instead of on the technology needed to make them come to fruition.

Project Portfolio Management

This template set provides you with a set of page templates that will allow you to manage and share project information with your team and your clients. You might think of this template set as being a "Basecamp for Notion".

With this template set, you will get all the necessary structures that combined with Notion's existing features allow teams to effectively collaborate and share status reports with customers, easily.



New Project Dashboard as created for a new project.

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My Story Project

This template set provides you with a set of page templates which will allow you to manage and share character, place and outline information on a book or game story you are writing. You can use this to create the "Story Bible" to make sure you are keeping true to what you have already written or planned to write.

You can use this template in conjunction with Notion's collaboration features to share book or game information with your beta reading or proofreading team, as well. That way, everybody will always be on-the-same-page, so to speak. 😊