Click the Raycast icon in the upper right menu bar and open the preferences. Or just hit , when Raycast is open to show the preferences window.

<aside> 💡 Pro Tip: Search for preferences in the root search to quickly open a preferences tab.



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The General preferences tab lets you tailor Raycast to your needs. We recommend you launch it at Login and to replace Apple's Spotlight. This way you only need to remember one Hotkey and have Raycast always handy.


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Raycast supports light and dark themes. By default, it adopts your system appearance, however, you can select either as your preference.

You can also toggle between our default Text Size, or a slightly bigger option.


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Open the Extensions preferences tab to configure all available extensions. You can enable or disable each of them and their commands. Some extensions have more customizations, which you'll find on the right panel when you select a Command.

For example, you can log in to Jira or disable our signature for new issues.

Here you can also set alises and hotkeys on your Commands and Extensions to supercharge your productivity across Raycast.


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Go to the Advanced tab in Preferences to configure some extra settings, to configure where you want to see Raycast on your setup, how long we should wait before taking you back to the Root search, and more.

You can also export your Raycast preferences, and import them to a new device when you're setting up a new machine, to save you having to re-install your Extensions, enable your Commands, and set up your aliases and hotkeys all over again.


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