Step 1: Social Media Promotion 📲

Post to Social Media 🗣️

The first step before streaming is to prime your audience to tune in. Use platforms you are established in, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to announce your streams a day or two in advance and then remind your audience again with a link a short time before you go live.

<aside> 💡 Link your Twitch channel in your bio!


Streaming Schedule 🗓️

Utilize the Twitch Streaming Schedule and try to stick to consistent times and days each week so your audience knows when to expect you.

Step 2: Tech Check 👩🏾‍💻

Stream Key ⌨️

Make sure you've input the correct stream key to connect to the channel you're streaming to.

Scene Check 📹

Check to make sure you've got all the scenes you plan on using ready to go in OBS. Don't forget to make sure that the content you're planning on streaming (a game, a website, etc) is working and appearing in OBS.

Audio Check 🎙️

Check that the mic and desktop audio are inputting sound to OBS

Power Source Check 🔌

Whatever you are streaming on, whether a phone or a laptop, make sure you've got a battery or a power cord nearby so your stream won't be interrupted!