:Practice makes perfect

It’s been repeated so many times before, but it’s true: practice does make


Approximately 5% of the mastery of any activity requires talent, while the

other 95% requires practice.

You might have heard of child musical geniuses or sports stars and have

thought, “well, they got lucky...they were born with it.”

It seems like you cannot possibly compare to such people, because you

were not born with a talent.

This line of thinking is all wrong, because what all these musical geniuses

and sports stars have in common is that they’ve all done the same thing to get them to where they are: they’ve practiced.

Tons of practice.

Every day, every week, over years and years.

You can become a master at anything you want if you are willing to practice.

All of the masters of every craft or art, in the history of time, have achieved their skills through practice.

Even skills that seem innate, like singing, can be learned,& improved upon with practice.

Practice is hard.

It takes dedication and hard work over a long period of time. So how does one handle upkeep and force oneself to practice? The key to practicing anything is to make it a habit.